OEM-Contract Manufacturing

Lateral Flow Tests Manufacturing at LIONEX   From START to FINISH  MADE IN GERMANY   

LIONEX is a unique company, since it produces all its intermediate reagents and final products in Braunschweig, GERMANY, including the

Lateral Flow Rapid Tests as OEM products for our partners.

All productions are done under  ISO13485 certified conditions.


Please contact us if you have interest in an  OEM Product of your CHOICE

Current OEM Products are: 

CRP 10/30, 10/60, Strip test , Novel ladder test



Vitamin D (in development)

Human Urinary Bladder Cancer, urine test (LIONEX Properiety,in development.

Many more types of Rapid tests are currently under development, which shall make LIONEX a highly reliable source and partner for of OEM products for companies active in manufacturing and distribution of such products world-wide.