LIOSpot® TB Human: A novel Tuberculosis (TB) test developed by LIONEX . It is the first test for distinguishing Latent TB Infection (LTBI) from active TB disease.


A novel TB test developed by the EU project DEMO-NOPERSIST

Human tuberculosis (TB) is a global health problem of immense social and economic importance. There are more than 14 million individuals dually infected with TB and HIV. Diagnosis of human TB is extremely difficult, time-consuming and in-efficient. No efficient, cost effective tests are available for an early diagnosis of these infections. Furthermore, there is no test on the market which can differentiate billions of MTB-infected but otherwise healthy people (LTBI) from the patient suffering from active TB. Researche partners of the EU project DEMO-NOPERSIST , led by LIONEX GmbH as coordinator, have been successful in developing a novel test called LIOSpot® TB, which for the first time, can differentiate healthy infected from TB patients. LIOSpot® TB test is expected to have an immense positive impact on human health and prevention of tuberculosis world-wide. LIONEX is now preparing the LIOSpot® TB test for marketing. Following the successful completion of DEMO-NOPERSIST, LIONEX and University of Florence (UNIFI) shall continue their collaboration which led to the development of LIOSpot® TB.

LIONEX is a highly research intensive company dedicated to tuberculosis and has a prominent position in Europe in this field. LIONEX is ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified and is fully capable of producing an In-Vitro Diagnostic Device (IVD) for humans.


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