Lateral Flow Tests

Active TB Rapid Tests


LIONEX has special interest in developing a TB Rapid test for TB endemic countries. Our research of the past 18 years have helped us in developing active TB rapid test showing high specificity of ca. 98% at an overall sensitivity of 65%. Our latest Rapid test called LIODetect® has a cocktail of five, highly purified recombinant proteins as well as a native surface antigen of M. tuberculosis coated as a separate line. In an independent evaluation in RUSSIA, this new TB Rapid test has shown much higher sensitivities in Russia,which are in the range as suggested by the Words Health Organisation (WHO). Large scale clinical studies are now in progress in a number of African and Asian countries.

OTHER Rapid Tests:

LIODetect® CRP 10/30 and LIODetect 10/60 are on the market: Supply from LIONEX directly or through Pharmacy stores (Apotheke) in Germany 

LIODetect® D-Dimer (In final stage)

LIODetect® Blader Cancer Urine Test (in development)

LIODetect® Troponin I (in development)

LIODetect® Vitamin D (in development).

Many more in development which shall make LIONEX, a highly reliable source for the diagnosis of a number of diseases and biomarkers.